British Columbia Occupation-In-Demand List

British Columbia Occupation-In-Demand List

British Columbia In Demand Job Requirements 2023

British Columbia Occupation-In-Demand List

British Columbia has their own provincial nomination program(BC PNP) as other provinces has. This allows the province to nominate those immigrants that are required for the development of the province. Some jobs that are listed in occupation-in-demand by the province needs special skills and those immigrants that are having those skills are given preference over other applicants. Getting nomination from the province get the applicant 600 points in their express profile which in turns increases the chances for getting the permanent residence visa.


In order to apply under this stream, there are certain criterias that needs to be met by the applicant and they are as follows:
  • Age should be between 18 to 49 years of age.
  • Should score the minimum score needed in language proficiency.
  • Should have a minimum of 1 years of working experience in their occupation.
  • Must have a Canadian diploma or certification equivalent to Canadian diploma.
  • Must have intention to reside and work in the province.
  • Must have a full-time paid job offer from an eligible employer in the province.


British Columbia Occupation-in-Demand List
Occupation NOC Code
Retailer and Wholesale Trade Manager 0621
Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers 0121
Restaurant and Food Service Managers 0631
Construction Managers 0711
Corporate Sales Manager 0601
Banking, Credit and Other Investment Managers 0122
Financial Managers 0111
Senior Managers- Financial, Communications & Other Business Services 0013
Computer & Information Manages 0213
Facility Operation & Maintenance Managers 0714
Senior Managers- Trade, Broadcasting & Other 0015
Human Resources Manager 0112
Accommodation Service Manager 0632
Managers in Social, Community & Correctional Services 0423
Managers in Transportation 0731
Engineering Managers 0211
Administrator-post-secondary & vocational training 0421
Financial Auditors & Accountants 1111
Information Systems Analysts & Consultants 2171
Computer Programmers & Interactive Media Developers 2174
College & Other Vocational Instructors 4021
University Professors & Lecturers 4011
Other Financial Officers 1114
Software Engineers & Designers 2173
Civil Engineers 2131
Mechanical Engineers 2132
Authors & Writers 5121
Social Workers 4152
Architects 2151
Psychologists 4151


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