Saskatchewan Immigration Points Calculator

Saskatchewan Immigration Points Calculator

Saskatchewan is the central province in Canada and is one of the most sought after place by the immigrants. One of the main reasons for that is the demand that is created in the province for skilled and qualified immigrants for the occupation-in-demand created in the province. One of the way to get the permanent resident visa is through SPNP which allows the candidates to get a nomination from the province.

In order to get the nomination, candidates must have to score points, which in SPNP minimum points is 60 out of 100 points. These points are given considering various factors like age, education, work experience. All the aforementioned factors have points awarded to the candidates based on their qualification and they are as follows:

  • Education and Training – 23 points maximum
  • Skilled Work Experience – 15 points maximum
  • Language Ability – 20 points maximum
  • Age – 12 points maximum
  • Connection to Saskatchewan market – 30 points maximum.
Education and Training
Education Points
Master’s or Doctorate degree 23
University Bachelor’s Degree (minimum 3 year program) 20
Trade Certification (equivalent to Saskatchewan journeyperson and approved by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Commission) 20
Degree, diploma or certificate (minimum 2 year program) 15
Degree, diploma or certificate (minimum 1 year program of study, or equivalent to a trade certificate. 12
Skilled Work Experience

If the work experience gained is in 5 year prior to the application’s submission

Work Experience(in Years) Points
5 10
4 8
3 6
2 4
1 2

If the work experience gained is in 6 to 10 years prior to the application’s submission

Work Experience(in Years) Points
5 5
4 4
3 3
2 2
Less than 1 0
Language Ability
TEF scores Points
CLB 8 or higher 20
CLB 7 18
CLB 6 16
CLB 5 14
CLB 4 12
Age(in years) Points
Less than 18 0
18 to 21 8
22 to 34 12
35 to 45 10
46 to 50 8
50 or older 0


Connection to Saskatchewan Labour Market and Adaptability
Connection to Saskatchewan and Adaptability Points
Highly skilled employment offer from a Saskatchewan employer 30
Close family relative in Saskatchewan (The applicant or accompanying spouse has a parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin and step-family members or in-laws, who is/are Canadian citizens and permanent citizens. The family members in Saskatchewan must meet the requirements as listed under “Required Documents” for your ISW sub-category) 20
Past work experience in Saskatchewan (At least 12 months of work in the past five years on a valid work permit) 5
Past student experience in Saskatchewan (At least one full-time academic year of study at a recognized Saskatchewan post-secondary education institution on a valid study permit) 5


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