Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Program

Federal Skilled Workers Program for Canada Immigration

Federal Skilled Worker Program is one of the streams in express entry program to get a Canadian permanent residence visa. It is a point based program where points are awarded according to various eligibility criteria like education/qualification, work experience, age, having a job offer, language adaptability etc. Federal Skilled Worker Program allows skilled and experienced candidates with better adaptability a way to fulfill their dream to settle in Canada. All the candidates for skilled worker program must score a minimum 67 point on the Canadian Skilled Workers Point System.

In the points system, applicants are awarded points based on following factors:

English or French language ability(Maximum 28 points):

Candidates must have proficiency in English, French or in both languages. For proving their proficiency, applicants have to give any one of the following exams:

  1. Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program(CELPIP)
  2. International English Language Testing System(IELTS)
  3. Test d’evaluation de francais(TEF). (For French Language Proficiency)

Marks scored in these test are then converted into Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB). Mainly four components are checked in these test: Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading. Applicants have to meet minimum CLB level 7 in all 4 components for their “First Official Language” and minimum CLB level 5 in their “Second Official Language”.


CLB level in First Official Language Speaking Points Listening Points Reading Points Writing Points
9 or more 6 6 6 6
8 5 5 5 5
7 4 4 4 4


CLB level in Second Official Language Points
5 in all 4 components 4
4 or less in any component 0
Education(Maximum 25 points):

Candidates applications must meet the following educational qualification:

  1. A Canadian secondary school certificate, or post secondary qualification such as college diploma or university degree OR,
  2. A foreign qualification, and an Educational Credential Assessment(ECA) proving that the qualification is equivalent to a Canadian secondary or post-secondary qualification.


Qualification Points
University degree at PHD level or equivalent 25
University degree at Master’s level or equivalent 23
University entry-to-practice degree or equivalent. This degree must be related to a profession at NOC Skill level A, must be licensed by a provincial regulatory body, and must be in of the following fields:

  1. Medicine
  2. Veterinary Medicine
  3. Dentistry
  4. Podiatry
  5. Optometry
  6. Law
  7. Chiropractic Medicine
  8. Pharmacy
Two or more Canadian post-secondary degrees or equivalent, one of which must be of duration of 3 years or more 22
Canadian post-secondary degree of duration lasting 3 years or more 21
Canadian post-secondary degree of duration lasting 2 years or more 19
Canadian post-secondary degree of duration lasting 1 year or more 15
Skilled Work Experience(Maximum 15 Points):

Following conditions must be met by applicant’s profile in terms of work experience:

  1. Totalled at least 1560 hours or approximately 1 year of full time work.
  2. Must have been gained in a paid job, or multiple paid jobs.
  3. Gained within the last 10 years.
  4. Gained in a managerial, skilled professional, or skilled trade role.

          You must make sure that your work experience matches with the guidance provided in Canada’s National Occupational Classification system(NOC). You do not have to meet the “employment requirement” section of the particular job listed on NOC. If your work experience does not come under skill level O, A or B or your experience did not occur in the last ten years your application will be refused. You are are awarded 15 point for your one year of work experience and two points for each year further upto a maximum of 21 points:


Experience(Years) Points
1 9
2 to 3 11
4 to 5 13
6 or more 15
Age(Maximum 12 points):

Applicant’s age at the time of submission also have effect on the points awarded. Following is the table showing the points awarded respectively to the age:

Age(years) Points
17 or under 0
18-35 12
36 11
37 10
38 9
39 8
40 7
41 6
42 5
43 4
44 3
45 2
46 1
Arranged employment in Canada(Maximum 10 points):

If you have a job offer from Canada or are currently working in Canada, you are already awarded 10 points in your skilled worker program profile. The job must be full time and permanent and must be listed as Skill level 0, A or B on Canada’s National Occupation Classification List.

For you to get the maximum 10 points from your work it should fulfill any one of the following conditions:

You are currently working in Canada with a temporary visa:

  1. Your work permit was granted to a successful Labour Market Impact Assessment.
  2. Your work permit is valid, and will be valid when the FSWP visa is granted.
  3. The employer on your work permit has offered you permanent job.
  4. Your work permit was not subject to the Labour Market Impact Assessment under an agreement such as NAFTA agreement or federal-provincial agreement.

You do not have a Canadian work permit, and do not plan to work in Canada before your FSWP  visa is granted and :

  1. A Canadian employer has offered you a full time and permanent job.
  2. The employer has received a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment for the job.

You are currently working in Canada and have been offered a full time and permanent job with a different employer and the employer has received a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment for the job.

You are currently working in Canada in a job that is not subject to the Labour Market Impact Assessment, but not due to an international agreement such as NAFTA agreement or a federal-provincial agreement.

Adaptability(Maximum 10 points):

Maximum 10 points can be awarded to you or your spouse if any of the following conditions can be fulfilled:


Adaptability Factors Points
Your spouse has achieved CLB 4 on all 4 components in an approved English or French language test 5
You have completed a minimum of 2 years of full time study(more than 15 hours per week) at a Canadian secondary school or post-secondary education 5
Your spouse has completed a minimum of 2 years of full-time study at a Canadian secondary school or post-secondary education 5
You have previously worked for at least 1 year in Canada on a valid work permit, in a job skill listed as skill 0,A or B 10
Your spouse has previously worked for at least 1 year in Canada on a valid work visa 5
You earned any points under Factor 5: arranged employment 5
You or your spouse have one of the following family members, aged 18 or over, living in Canada as a Canadian Citizen or permanent residence:

  1. Parent
  2. Grandparent
  3. Child
  4. Grandchild
  5. Sibling
  6. Uncle or aunt
  7. Niece or Nephew
Maintenance Fund:

Candidates must have sufficient funds for them and as well as for their family members, and must be able to provide bank statements as proof of funds. The following table gives detailed breakdown of funds required with respective number of family members:


Number of family members(including the applicant) Maintenance fund required
1 $12,164 CND
2 $15,143 CND
3 $18,617 CND
4 $22,603 CND
5 $25,636 CND
6 $28,913 CND
7+ $32,191 CND
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