In over a year, Quebec PNP has the biggest immigration draw in

Quebec PNP sent out 365 invitations to immigrate to the French-speaking province to individuals who had lodged an expression of interest.

The largest draw of the year was conducted by Quebec PNP, which welcomed 365 immigration candidates to apply for permanent selection on 24 September.

Invitations went via the Arrima portal, which handles applications for Quebec PNP Standard Skilled Worker Program, to individuals who had filed an expression of interest.

The Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration (MIFI) invited three groups of candidates. To obtain an invitation, the first party required a validated offer of employment in the province.

The second group included individuals staying in Quebec PNP as diplomats, consular officers, United Nations officials or any intergovernmental agency working in Quebec. As these occupations are also covered by Section 26 of the Quebec Immigration Law, the drawing may also have included individuals who are part of the staff of any such official.

Finally, MIFI also welcomed candidates from Arrima who did not meet the invitation requirements but who, in the view of the Minister, would be able to contribute to the prosperity of Quebec. This is the first time that candidates in this group have been invited by MIFI.


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